Our Initiatives

We are a solutions-focused organization with the sole purpose of serving the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) community. By providing support and guidance to individuals transitioning from pediatric to adult care, and continuing to provide support throughout the journey of navigating the healthcare system, Crescent aims to increase awareness surrounding the care for those living with SCD.

Community Health Worker Program


Crescent Cares provides psychosocial and case management support to individuals with SCD. Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) are community liaisons who support patients and families in better managing their medical and social needs until goals are reached as defined by the individual. This includes making home and community visits in person, virtually or telephonic, connecting families to community resources, and supporting the communication of the individual’s needs with the healthcare team.

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Webinar Series


Transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare can be a challenging and frustrating process. We offer a free hour-long webinar that highlights healthcare transition topics for SCD patients between the ages of 18-24. Topics we cover include but aren’t limited to:

  • How to effectively advocate for your needs during clinical visits and hospital stays
  • How to work with health insurance providers
  • How to create and reach health and wellness goals
  • How to address your healthcare needs at work

Participants who’ve successfully completed the webinar series are invited to attend our Transition with Power Party, a yearly event that celebrates SCD patients and their accomplishments. Subscribe to our newsletter to participate in this webinar series.

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American Rescue Plan Act

Housing Program

Crescent Foundation is excited to partner with area hospitals and the community to offer Lead-Abatement services in the form of home lead-remediation for any child with a positive lead toxicity test. Temporary housing will also be given if needed during remediation of home from lead. Children with Sickle Cell Disease will be prioritized. 

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Medical Student Program


There’s only so much you can learn from a textbook. Our immersion program is designed to allow medical students to have real-life conversations with SCD patients – and learn how this disease truly impacts their lives daily. We’re here to empower the next generation of physicians to be more compassionate toward their patients and knowledgeable about our invisible disease.

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Health Education Program

Stay informed

Our Stay Informed program is our health education and health promotion programming for individuals with sickle cell disease (SCD) and the public; through webinars, in-person workshops, and case management services. In collaboration with SCD experts (healthcare & constituents), school & faith-based organizations and supporters we successfully facilitate educational forums.