Housing Program

American Rescue Plan Act

Crescent Foundation is excited to partner with area hospitals and the community to offer Lead-Abatement services in the form of home lead-remediation for any child with a positive lead toxicity test. Temporary housing will also be given if needed during remediation of home from lead. Children with Sickle Cell Disease will be prioritized.

Starting April 1st please complete referral located at Crescent foundation website to start services.

Who's Eligible: All Children with positive lead-toxicity test. Children and Parents/Guardians with Sickle Cell Disease will be prioritized.

Serving individuals & families (children) in Philadelphia & Delaware Valley. Transportation services available upon need.

For more information contact, Melissa Echeverry at

Disclaimer: Resources are limited in availability and may not be able to fulfill all requests or requirements. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to allocate resources effectively.