Kyle A. Smith

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Kyle’s ultimate goal is to create change within the community he comes from. As a son of the City of Brotherly Love, he proudly claims that he is “homegrown” having attended both Temple University and The University of Pennsylvania for his bachelors and masters degrees

Currently he works at Rite Aid Healthy Futures, a public charity dedicated to supporting communities through equitable access to the things they need most. Since his youth, he’s been dedicated to shaping the landscape of healthcare for those with chronic illnesses and diseases and has been involved in The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Youth Advisory Council and currently serves on the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania’s Patient and Family Advisory Council.

As an individual living with sickle cell disease--leading Crescent Foundation is personal.Not feeling that individuals with SCD are seen or heard, it is his mission to gain further visibility and equity within healthcare and bringing those unheard voices closer to a megaphone. Growing up and gaining a sense of community from others who were impacted by various disease groups and being able to witness the actual trauma these communities experienced has led him to become a health equity advocate. By recognizing these injustices, he aims to be the change that is needed.

Kyle’s hope is that individuals living with sickle cell feel they have somewhere safe to go for their medical needs. He doesn’t want this community to think twice about how they dress before entering an emergency department. He doesn't want them to be stigmatized but instead receive unbiased care. People need to fully understand what SCD is and how it affects folks living with it. As an organization, Crescent is relentlessly dedicated  when it comes to community support, navigating the disease, and education. Crescent looks to be a safe haven as a community based organization. 

The African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is by no means a cliche for Kyle knowing that so many have gotten him to this point. Because of this, he believes in collective decision making. Being collaborative and open to others perspectives and viewpoints allows him to understand where team members are within their decision making process. This intentionality makes Kyle a dynamic leader and continues to create limitless opportunities for Crescent Foundation.