July 14, 2021
BY Kiersten

Philadelphia, PA – On May 29th, 2021 at 7pm The Philadelphia Kappas and Deltas held their BATTLE OF THE DJ zoom concert, part of the larger Kappa Week Philly virtual celebration honoring the fraternity’s ninety-nine years of alumni brotherhood. This event pulled in over 200 viewers, was led by DJ Touchstone and DJ Diamond Kuts, and also acted as a fundraiser for the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) non-profit Crescent Foundation. 

“The power of collaboration is truly remarkable. Being able to partner with two historically Black Greek letter organizations to serve a disease that widely impacts Black people in the U.S. is synergy at its finest. We are so grateful to the Kappa’s and Delta’s for supporting us and ensuring equity for this historically marginalized disease.” Kyle Smith, Chief Executive Officer says about the event.

When asked what was next for Crescent now with the money raised. “What an amazing success! I’m grateful to the Kappas and Deltas for their dedication to the sickle cell community. Being seen is ultra important and the best way to see us is to show up for us through events like this where one community gathers to uplift another. We must lift as we climb to rise as a United people. There are individuals living with SCD in all areas of Philadelphia that need compassionate assistance and that’s where we are called to serve.” says Chief Marketing Officer Ediomi Utuk-Lowery.

How will the funds be used? What programs will they be allocated to, Tahirah Austin-Muhammed had this to say “It’s an amazing feeling seeing other organizations, especially Black Greek orgs, really unify to raise funds that support our sickle cell community. I know for sure that the funds will be beneficial to Crescent Cares, our community health worker program, that offers direct social services to adults living with SCD.”

Damian Jackson, who helped coordinate the event, was pleased to make Crescent, and subsequently sickle cell disease the central focus. “We knew of the Crescent Foundation because of my prior involvement with the Board. We collectively agreed for them to be the beneficiary because of the important work you do in the Sickle Cell Anemia community. The advocacy for those transitioning from the pediatric world to adulthood is so important and missed by other groups.”

Overall Funds Raised: $21,827

About Crescent: Crescent Foundation is a solutions-focused organization with the sole purpose of serving the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) community. Through guidance and support for individuals transitioning from pediatric to adult care, Crescent helps patients navigate the journey of the healthcare system. Crescent Foundations aims to increase awareness, advocacy, and support for evidence-based care for patients, families, and communities affected by SCD, through collaborative action and innovative initiatives. 

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