Giving Back With Care-Kits

May 4, 2018
BY Kiersten

Philadelphia, PA: The Crescent Foundation is one of this year’s recipients of the Penn Medicine CAREs grant of $500. Dr. Farzana Sayani of Penn Hospitals Sickle Cell clinic, and LSW social worker Jabina Coleman partnered with the community based organization Crescent Foundation and applied for this grant on the organization’s behalf. Specifically for adults living with sickle cell disease who attend their Penn Health Clinic, this care-kit initiative will provide this community with tools they would need to keep safe throughout COVID-19.

Tahirah Austin, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, was elated to share the news and her thoughts on being a resource through the pandemic for folks who may not have the accessibility to these resources. She states, “Giving the Crescent CAREs-kits to adults living with Sickle Cell disease is very important because the older you are, the more your an increased risk for Covid-19 and more so with having a chronic illness such as SCD. A lot of the focus is on the pediatric sickle cell community that we often forget our adults need assistance as well; and being able to supply them with Crescent CAREs-kits is the least that we can do for our community during these interesting times. They’ll be free and for the adult sickle cell community who attend their appointments at HUP. But we also want it to be for those who may not be going to their appointments physically, but are doing Telehealth appointments.”

With the support of Penn’s CARE’s Program the Crescent Foundation’s Care Kits will consist of:

  • Face Masks
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Incentive Spirometer
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • One gift card

About Crescent:

Crescent Foundation is a solutions-focused organization with the sole purpose of serving the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) community. Through guidance and support for individuals transitioning from pediatric to adult care, Crescent helps patients navigate the journey of the healthcare system. Crescent Foundations aims to increase awareness, advocacy, and support for evidence-based care for patients, families, and communities affected by SCD, through collaborative action and innovative initiatives. 


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